Remote Testing £77

The technique of scanning without the person being present has been extremely useful during lockdown and we are getting as great results as if the person was with us. Using a small snippet of your hair, we can run the same tests using the Asyra/Qest4 machine and carry out the consultation via Google meet.

How it works:
  1. Pay via the PayPal button on this site (£77), completing your contact details (phone, postal and email address)
  2. I will send you an email with instructions on how to take a snippet of hair and then all you need to do is pop this in an envelope with your hair sample back in the post to me (if you live near Ringwood, you can arrange to pop the sample through my letterbox, I will give you instructions on how to do this via email).
  3. Once received, I will call you to book your online call (usually the appt is scheduled for 2-3 weekdays time)
  4. On your call, I will take a full case history, including family medical history and note any health concerns that you have
  5. I will go through the results of the Comprehensive Analysis, Support and Information Scans, run further scans if necessary and make 2 unique and specialised remedies that you will be taking twice daily until your next appointment, which we will book in for 4-6 weeks time 
  6. The remedies will be posted via tracked mail to your home address and I will then email you the review of the scans and what we have discussed
  7. I can be contacted via email or phone if you have any specific questions between your scheduled appointments.